Some of our happy clients

Shaun was very easy to work with and found us a competitive rate. He helped us understand what the comparison rate means and how to interpret it better. He was very efficient with our paperwork and made the entire loan application hassle free. We will use Shaun’s services again when we refinance.
Brad Gillman
Shaun Bettman has assisted Shapiro Auctioneers with two commercial real estate transactions in the last 24 months. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Shaun achieved an excellent result with the banks and he focused on all of the small print. Shaun will always be the first person I call when considering a real estate purchase.
Rohan Hawthorn
Shaun was wonderful from the beginning to the end of the process. He was very responsive and helped us with every step to ensure a successful outcome. He is not just miles ahead, but light years ahead of all the other mortgage brokers we have ever used! We would use him again in a heartbeat !
Guy Thomson
As a self employed business owner I found trying to arrange financing for second home loan via my existing bank very challenging, as they deal typically with customers employed under PAYG. As soon as I contacted Shaun to arrange refinancing and a second new home loan he navigated the whole process incredibly smoothly. His knowledge, expertise and transparency around the process were super impressive and his outstanding customer service made a potentially frustrating process really smooth. Based on my experience I'd definitely recommend Shaun and his team!
Marie O'Brien
Shaun was an invaluable aid in the purchase of my first property. He took the time to go through all of my finances and recommended a really thoughtful loan amount as well as explaining other options.He handled all of the bank paperwork very efficiently and the entire process required little effort from me - allowing me to focus on house hunting! Shaun was always happy to talk through or explain concepts that I wasn't familiar with, being my first purchase.He also recommended a great conveyancing service.I would 100% recommend Shaun without hesitation.
Mary O'Neill

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